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Spiritual Movements

Movements have existed throughout history. 

They harness the vision, imagination, energy and passion of a group of people that go on to affect the environment around them.  Here are some additional ideas about movements that help us gain greater understanding.

Movements are—A self-perpetuating groundswell of people committed to a cause that are significantly affecting both people and their environment.

Movements are—Groups of highly motivated and dedicated individuals who are pursuing a transcendent cause by taking deliberate and organized action that is highly effective in reaching and involving others, as well as, training leaders and transforming the social environment.

Characteristics of a movement

Movements tend to have 8 dimensions at work at any giving time.

  • Clear Purpose
  • Organized Action
  • Powerfully elicits involvement
  • Highly motivated and dedicated individuals
  • High degree of unity
  • Constant development of qualified Leaders
  • Involves people at all levels of commitment
  • Changes the societal atmosphere

Movements List 1

Notice how many of these movements have a spiritual dimension to it.  A spiritual movement that is inspired by and guided by God are the most dynamic movements in the world.

Movements List 2

 Spiritual Movements 

The most powerful movements in history are “spiritual movements”. 

Where people not only rally together for a cause and in practical ways see that they have the potential to change the world.

Where this passion and vision is ignited, empowered, and guided by the Spirit of God the transformation of lives, families, cities and nations can be profound.

 Movements Emblem